Chrisi Darrington
California, United States

"It's very hard sometimes to get people who are trustworthy, deliver on-time, and offer good quality responsive subs." You've managed to do all three and I thank you!"



Jason Joyce
Devon, United Kingdom

"Bought a 100 click solo from Eva and received 129 clicks with 41% optin rate and even got a sale. Professional and quick delivery, will be back for more. Thanks Eva"



Jeanette Bailey, MA
California, United States

"I bought a 75 click solo ad from Eva Zaher a couple days ago.She over-delivered as I got 116 clicks!!! I got subscribers to opt-in, but more importantly I made a sale! It usually takes me buying a much larger solo to get even one sale.
So I was very pleased and surprised to see cash money in my account the next day! Sometimes a smaller solo can bring better results in the end - and it was at a very fair price. She's also very considerate and provides great customer service."

Rich Ciufo
New York, United States

Thanks Eva for a great solo!
"I ordered 100 clicks, got 139 total unique clicks and 65 subscribers! That's a 47% conversion rate! I also made a couple of sales! Great communication as well, which is such an important part of this business. I will definitely be back for another one!"



Greg Pasquale
New York, United States

Fantastic solo with Eva..
"100 clicks with overdelivery and a 40% opt in rate. The clicks came fast and furious and she was great to work with. She really made sure I would get the most out of her solo. Will use her again."

Derek Jamieson
New York, United States

"WOW Eva, your list is on fire! I got a 46.73% conversion rate from you. Your solo has been one of the best I have this month. Thank you."



Juan Morales
Panama City, Panama

"Hey Eva, I got 41.18% ... 221 uniques - absolutely happy about it. Thanks!"




James Starr
St. Louis, United States

"I was extremely impressed with the quality of clicks that Eva delivered on my 150 click solo. Not only was it quality traffic that converted, but she overdelivered as well. Thanks Eva!"

Martin "The Bear" Staten
Michigan, USA

"Thanks for the solo! It was excellent - 25 % vered clicks, 47% optin rate - that's cool... and I made 5 sales! Best solo I've had recently. You're my highly recommended seller and I'll be definitely back! Great communication as well."



J.R. Quarles
Alabama, United States

"Hey Eva, the solo was great today! My conversion was over 48% with 2 You were quick to deliver and overdelivered 30% on my purchased clicks. I will be back for more later. Thanks! J.R."



Aditya Reddy
Tamil Nadu, India

Hi Eva, it was a great solo!
Thank you. I've got 34 leads and 1 sale.... so I had a little over 50% ROI. Cool! You delivered fast and with your overdelivery you showed that you care about your partners! Will be back again to buy from you.

Ahmed Auf

"Eva your list is a MACHINE! I ordered 150 clicks and I got 170 clicks and 60 leads so about 35% opt-in rate and I'm using a pre-sell page! I also got 3 SALES until now, that is AMAZING....The 60 leads consist of 40 people from English speaking countries and 20 from the rest of the world, what a quality list! I'm definitely scaling up, I loved your solo.

David Lelong,
NY, United States

"Thanks for the clicks, Eva!
Overdelivered and 59% opted-in to my list. Eva was great getting everything setup right aay. I will definitely be back for Eva's awesome service and caring.
Thanks again!"


I just bought 200 clicks from Eva and was more than happy about the results it gave.
First of all, I received 266 clicks and 98 of them opted in. Pretty cool, huh ? But there were 2 sales as well ! If you are still wondering to take solo from Eva, just ordet it now !

Lance Tamashiro

Eva has been a pleasure to do business with. Not only did she deliver exactly what she promised, she delivered even more.
I was extremely impressed with her willingness to stay in contact and communicate both before and after the sale.
She will definitely be on my "shorlist" in the future.

Lenin Govea
Guayaquil, Ecuador

"Hey Evita,
Thank you very much for the last solo. Insane results as usual. I've got a 50% optin rate, three front-end sales, two upsells and they also bought some affiliate products I have in my download page.
I'm very happy with the results, I'll be back for more."

Tom Lua,

Hi Eva!
Thanks for the awesome 100 Click Solo Ads! I got 41% Conversion rate and you also overdelivered by 21% Awesome way to start the Year 2013!


Todd Matherne
Houma, Louisiana

Great solo by Eva.
Placed order for 100 clicks, received 116 with 55 opt-ins @ 52% conversion w/ 2 sales.
Nice solo, will be using Eva again!!

John Kneita,

Hey Eva.
Thanks, I am happy with the results. I got 110 clicks, 54% conversion rate, 4 sales.
Awesome! :)




I expect mutual honesty in doing this solo business. If you should have any issues, please contact me via SKYPE. I will do the same. A good communication channel is important to me.

Skype Name: Eva Zaher (zahra668)






Disclaimer : I CANNOT determine the results you will receive with your solo ad. It's up to you to have a high converting offer and sales funnel. You should know how well your squeeze page converts.
I can only guarantee that your offer will get the promise amount of Unique Clicks within 24 to 72 hours of mailing. There are no REFUNDS.


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